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6 Conclusion

Can it be that the world no longer finds such spiritual pursuits such as those found at Vat Phu of any value anymore? Has the need to promote markets become the only driving force left for humans to participate in?

The quest to understand spiritual pursuits seems to be becoming ever more distant or available to anyone who may want to seek this path in life. In the introduction to the 20th century the majority of the world's populations live in urban centers where it now has become impossible to see the stars due the polluted air and all the artificial light reflected in the sky. Being able to see moving bodies in space which connects human life with the very roots of its own history is ending. The silence which is necessary to hear your own deepest thoughts that are being constantly spawn by nature's forces deep within our souls is becoming impossible to experience. What was once common place in the world such as seeing a star filled sky without any noise or other interruptions is becoming very rare. We could say it is the time of "soul extinction".

The readily perceived world of things, and all the values placed on things, is driving human endeavors to leave those worlds that can not be seen or heard by the five senses. The seeing into the universe is slowly being replaced with seeing images of our universe created by digital display technologies. The dependency to know the world only by digital imagery and controlled and processed sounds is removing from the human imagination its own ability to grow with natures own forces.

What can be received by nature's forces is an attunement to the formative elements, or building blocks, to a much vaster realm than can ever be provided by commercial dependencies currently forming our new global culture. There must always be kept alive the physical opportunity (spaces on earth) to experience personal growth free from the by products of commercial intervention. The investment of energy in providing these "earth spaces" is not useless just because these spaces can not readily be related or equated to financial rewards. Offering humans free "earth spaces" is a way of recognizing the wonder that is implicit in being human on this earth and the acknowledgement that learning does not come from man alone. There must always be "earth spaces" that are permanently left alone both on the earth and in the air above those spaces. These "earth spaces" are more than just wilderness spaces too, but spaces that also contain a clear opening to communicate with the deepest reaches of the heavens with out the slightest interruption by humankind's inventions or the by-products created by humans. If temples to the stars are no longer going to be built by stones hewn from the earth the least we can do as a global civilization, is to honor the earth and recognize it as a temple placed here by divine intervention. By setting aside sacred "earth spaces" on this planet, in specified places, sanctioned by all nations, will be our gift to all future generations. If we as a world body don't honor the creation of these "earth spaces" then there will be no available space left on the earth for pure attunement to the heavens. How large a space do we need, and how many? Given the rate of the growth of the human population and the use of earth's land masses a 100 square mile space, at minimum, would assure that a human could get in touch with the creative forces of the universe without any interruptions from his fellow man. WE should have at least one or two on every continent. These "earth spaces" could be called "earth portals" or openings to the dynamic creative forces of the universe.

Vat Phu demonstrates to the world that fashioned out of the sublime beauty of the natural environment came an empire devoted to the wisdom of ancient stories of how the universe was brought forth by the gods. That space still exists for the pilgrim who wants to walk out of the material world and into the spiritual world. Kuruksetra, the holy land, is still exuding its sacred energy. The message is one filled with tranquility and a quiet sense of knowing that we are here on this earth to witness the cycles of heaven. This message of attaining enlightenment comes from being an active participant in the creation story and making a pilgrimage to a place that is connected to worlds beyond worlds. Kuruksetra is one of those places. Kurukshetra is a door way to eternity.

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  • is Willard Van De Bogart.
  • He lives in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.
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